Now Offering Design-Build Services!

Whether you want to build a new home for you and your family, or a spec home as an investment property to resell–we can help. Design-Build is a streamlined process by which the owner (you) contracts with one entity or team (us) to be responsible for coordinating all of the big and little elements involved … Continued

How Do I Sell My Chicago Land To A Developer?

So…you own some land and are looking to sell. What now? Selling raw land (or a house that needs torn down) can be challenging because it’s a very different kind of buyer. If you’re wondering, how do I sell my land to a developer, then these 4 tips below may help! Sure, owning land is fairly … Continued

Important Points to Consider When Buying A New Home recently published an article that highlighted a few pieces of insight from our very own Jennie Berger! Check out the article here: “7 Surprising Signs You’re Buying a House You’ll Slowly Come To Hate.” Paint & hardware colors are an easy fix. So are more cosmetic type items such as light fixtures, sink faucets, … Continued

What Homeowners Can Do About a Run-Down Property in Chicago

Trying to sell a property you know has problems can be super stressful!  Particularly, in anticipation of the inevitable home buyer inspection. In addition, selling a run-down property is costly if it sits on the market too long. Not only do your holding costs increase, but the final sales price will likely be less because … Continued

How To Sell Your Home Fast In Chicago IL

Real estate markets fluctuate — sometimes they’re uber-hot 🔥 and there are so many buyers that sellers will list a property that gets snapped up the same day. Sometimes markets are soft, so a house might stay on the market for weeks or even months without getting any offers! Homeowners selling their homes in the … Continued

Q & A | What Does “We Buy Houses Cash” Really Mean?

Selling your house for cash can mean a hassle-free experience. As real estate investors, we have access to various sources of highly liquid funds, including our own cash (literally, cash in the bank), private money, and hard money. You can learn more about different ways investors fund our deals by clicking here. For now, suffice … Continued

What happens when you inherit a house in Chicago?

Inheriting a house can sometimes be a big surprise. And, even when it’s not, there is still so much to consider when it happens. So, what does happen when you actually inherit a house in Chicago? As much as you may want to keep an inherited house for a variety of reasons, sometimes, you just … Continued

5 Reasons to Sell Your House As-Is in Chicago

Do you need to sell your house in Chicago? For homes that need updates, remodeling, or total rehabbing, standard real estate sales listings are not necessarily the best option to sell for a fair price. Some homeowners are not financially or physically able to carry out the necessary work to compete on the Chicago market.  … Continued

How to Sell Your House in Chicago in 4 Simple Steps

Are you ready to sell your house right now? Listing with a real estate agent who places the house on the MLS is not always the best answer to sell your Chicago house. Often burdened with obstacles that prevent them from moving forward with the traditional listing process, homeowners must seek other options to sell … Continued