How To Sell Your House In Chicago IL

Whether you want to sell quickly or need a few months to transition to your new life, we can be flexible.

Property People | How Our Home Buying Process Works

STEP 1: Fill out the contact form. Within 24 hours we connect with you to set up a time to meet at your house. Our walkthrough takes about 30 minutes.

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STEP 2: Our best offer is delivered right to your inbox. We’ll gladly explain how we arrived at that amount and answer any questions about how the process works.

STEP 3: Pay Day! Get Your Cash! (Do the happy dance) Woohoo! Oh Yeah, Baby! 🎶

I admire their professionalism, honesty and integrity. Most importantly, they are compassionate and care about those they are working with (buyers, sellers, vendors, etc.), which is something you don’t always find in this business. I can’t recommend them enough!”

Alex B., Chicago IL

Sell your house hassle-free

You’ve heard the phrase too many cooks in the kitchen, right? That’s essentially what you get with a traditional real estate sale. Sure, bank loans can be great. For the buyer. But for you, the homeowner, they mean a lot of hoping, waiting, and praying. Does the buyer even qualify? Will their mortgage be approved? Can my house appraise? Forget all that! Selling your house to us means you deal directly with us, from start to finish.

Fewer people involved = less time, less hassle, & more cash in your pocket.

This Is Why We Do What We Do.

Deborah’s Story

BEFORE: We bought this NW Chicago property on Keeler Ave. Debbie lived out of state and had inherited the house from her late mother. She wanted to leave behind various belongings and hoped for a quick, easy sale.

Leave behind anything you dont want. We are happy to remove it all for you!

And That’s A Wrap, Baby!

AFTER: We wanted Debbie’s house to look like the one next door.

Our offer was determined by the following:

The recent sale price of this house [(ARV = after repair value) x 72%] minus our repair budget.

Will My House Sell This Way?

Hard and private money lenders don’t care about the condition of your house. This is called asset-based lending. It is available based on a borrower’s (ie: the cash buyer) reputation, experience, and the inherent value of the asset. No matter where your cash buyer sources the money from, they all have one thing in common–the money is liquid & easily accessible. So, if you’re working with people of integrity, and they know how to analyze a house properly, the answer is a resounding YESSSS!

How Am I Protected While Selling My House Fast?

VET YOUR CASH BUYER! Make sure whoever you decide to work with is who they say they are. The internet is a great place to find almost anything. Google “Name of Company/Person” offering to buy your house and see how their online credibility looks.

DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE! Check out their website, read Google reviews, find them on Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn. You may even take it a step further and ask for a reference of someone they have worked with before. Sellers who’ve had a good experience are typically delighted to share their experience with you.

Disclosure: We intentionally put this in plain view because we believe in the power of transparency. Listing with a Realtor may get you a higher price at first glance. It can also be a total nuisance– waiting to close, multiple walkthroughs, financing contingencies, inspections, appraisals, and a slew of required repairs. Months later, and thousands upon thousands of dollars spent, the buyer backs out and you are at square one again. We buy houses in Chicago IL as-is, in cash, and help you avoid all of this! We are a licensed IL Real Estate Broker.

Once you accept our offer choose the day you’d like to close.

Closing times can vary greatly. We’ve closed in as little as 14 days. And we have also been able to extend closings to 2.5 months after signing the contract in order to accommodate a seller’s special situation. Regardless of the closing date, once the contract is signed, we deposit earnest money within 24 hours into an escrow account via our attorney and title company. This shows you that we are serious buyers with every intention of taking this deal to the closing table.

Sell Your House To People Who Care!

We realize you have a lot of options when it comes to selling your house. We’d love to convince you that we’re your best choice, but that’s not our style. Because chances are, if you’ve read any of our reviews, you already know who we are. Still on the fence? Learn even more about us and our story HERE.

We Buy Houses In Chicago IL For Cash. Any Condition, Size, Age, Or Reason.

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Remember: A lawyer draws up a short contract for everyone and hires a title company to ensure both parties are fully protected. Selling your house with an attorney and title company is the law in Illinois. We strive to operate with the highest standards accordingly. 👍

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