We are fun-loving. transparent. the real deal.

Property People was borne from a genuine love of each other, other people, & care for the wellbeing of Chicago & surrounding communities.

What you see is what you get. We don’t sugarcoat. Or beat around the bush.

Our parents raised us right. That’s why, in our eyes, you’re not just another transaction.

Gregory & Jennie met in 2019 and have been business partners ever since.

Gregory Kyler, Co-Owner. Greg has spent more than 20 years as a custom builder and licensed general contractor. He has worked on hundreds of design and construction projects, both residential and commercial, ranging from single family homes, apartments, and condos, to warehouses, storage facilities and major chain restaurants. His hobbies include weightlifting, travel, watching Sunday football, and snuggling with his adorable Cavapoo, Teddybear. Greg is originally from DeKalb Illinois and has three beautiful, smart, and loving children.

Jennie Berger, Co-Owner. Jennie worked as a TV casting producer on shows for HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel and I.D. In 2018 she unexpectedly lost her mother, her best friend. Always an inspiration, her mama had a servant’s heart and spent years helping the homeless. “There before the grace of God go I,” she would say. Jennie believes it was written in the stars for her to help other people. Her hobbies are travel, designing, volleyball, biking, and creating new plant based dishes. She grew up in Hoboken NJ and has the bestest Westie dog named Chief.

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Our Oath

We are people first. We treat others with patience, respect, and human dignity. We walk the talk. We are always improving. Mistakes are inevitable and do not lead to failure unless we give up. We pick ourselves, and each other, back up. We are positive thinkers, honest, and hopeful. We are passionate, innovative, and adaptable to whatever comes our way. We are committed to furthering our education and personal growth & development. When we hurt or offend others it is never intentional. The fabric of our success is woven with the threads of all of the individuals who work for with, for, and alongside us. In the bigger picture we are all connected. We strive to be leaders in our field and to serve others, whenever and wherever possible. No human—or business—is an island. We are incredibly capable as individuals. But we are our best, brightest, and strongest…together.

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